The New Anti-Fraud Law, how it affects freelancers and management software companies from the 11 October 2021

In this video we explain how FacturaOne perfectly adapts to the anti-fraud law required by the Administration.

What has FacturaOne done to adapt its management program to the new anti-fraud law?

For the part that touches us, how the most important thing for us at FacturaOne has always been the tranquility and security of our clients, be calm, calm because FacturaOne, the software you use every day, satisfies and fulfills the 100% with everything that has to do with the new law and as always, updating the software, so that it is and remains the safest and most reliable management tool.

They have targeted management programs that incur fraud by allowing B accounts to be kept and in other activities that favor the underground economy. Any freelance or company that continues to use programs that allow such practices will be fined.

¿FacturaOne está certificado para el cumplimiento de la Ley Antifraude?

Actualmente ningún ERP puede estar certificado, ya que todos los ERP estamos pendientes de que el legislador se pronuncie respecto a la necesidad o no de la certificación.

¿El ERP de FacturaOne es legal? ¿Me Pueden sancionar?

Nuestro software ERP de FacturaOne is 100% Legal, y se ajusta totalmente a las normativas actuales que han sido especificadas en dicha Ley. Cualquier Pyme o Autónomo que utilice el ERP de Facturaone tiene la seguridad que esta 100% dentro de la legalidad.

Anti-fraud law against dual-use software

Law 11/2021, of 9 of July, of prevention measures and fight against tax fraud, transposition of the Directive (EU) 2016/1164, of Council, of 12 July 2016, establishing rules against tax avoidance practices that directly affect the functioning of the internal market, of modification of various tax and gambling regulations.

The next 11 October 2021 Articles 29.2.j) and 201.bis of the General Tax Law, introduced by law 11/2021, of 9 of July, of prevention measures and fight against tax fraud (Seventh final provision of the Law 11/2021).

Hearticle 29.2.j) establishes "the obligation, by the producers, marketers and users, that the computer or electronic systems and programs that support the accounting processes, billing or management of those who carry out economic activities, guarantee integrity, conservation, accessibility, readability, traceability and inalterability of records, no interpolations, omissions or alterations of which the due notation remains in the systems themselves. "

This article adds that "By regulation, technical specifications may be established that such systems and programs must meet., as well as the obligation that they are duly certified and use standard formats for readability ".

The regulatory development mentioned in article 29.2.j) is currently in progress, so the way to comply with the obligations established in said article is not yet fully defined and it will be necessary to wait for the Regulation to establish the requirements that computer or electronic systems and programs must meet, as well as, in your case, the way to certify them.

Therefore, You have to wait for regulatory development to know in detail the requirements that computer programs and systems must meet., as well as, in your case, the form of certification or accreditation that these requirements are met.

Heartichead 201.until regulates manufacturing violations, production, commercialization and possession of computer systems that do not meet the specifications required by applicable regulations.

Hepulled apart 1 defines as a serious tax offense the manufacture, production and commercialization of computer or electronic systems and programs that:

a) allow different accounts to be kept in the terms of article 200.1.d) of this Law;

b) allow not to reflect, fully or partially, the annotation of transactions carried out;

c) allow recording transactions other than the entries made;

d) allow altering transactions already registered in breach of applicable regulations;

e) do not comply with the technical specifications that guarantee integrity, conservation, accessibility, readability, traceability and inalterability of records, as well as its readability by the competent bodies of the Tax Administration, in the terms of article 29.2.j) of this Law;

f) they are not certified, being obliged to do so by regulatory provision, the systems manufactured, produced or marketed

The letters a), b), c) y d) will be of direct application from 11 October 2021.

The letters e) y f) explicitly require regulatory development. Therefore, They will not apply until said Regulation is approved and enters into force..

Hepulled apart 2 of article 201.bis refers to the possession by users of computer or electronic systems and programs that do not comply with the provisions of article 29.2.j) of this Law, when they are not duly certified, having to be certified by regulation or when certified devices have been altered or modified.

Therefore, until the regulatory development of the certification referred to in this section takes place, Users cannot be penalized for breach of this article.


Tribute to the FacturaOne Community

Dear clients and friends and all those who are part of this great family of the FacturaOne Community, Yes Yes ,I say great family, why here at FacturaOne we take care of our clients as if they were family (close and respectful treatment, we listen and understand your concerns, we provide customized solutions and protect the safety and interests of all of you from the first contact).

You will agree with me, that this year 2020 We will remember it because our way of life and relating has changed and each and every one of us has had to adapt, reinvent ourselves and take steps to maintain our personal health and that of our businesses and professions.

This is a tribute to all of you, FacturaOne community, that you have survived this crisis, that you have not allowed yourself to be overcome by obstacles and have come out stronger and demonstrated that we Spanish self-employed people have the strength and desire to push forward against all odds and that no pandemic will be able to end our way of subsistence.

Congratulations champions, you have achieved it! and we have accompanied you daily in these difficult times, to make everyday life easier and together we have achieved it.

This year you are already more than 50.000 the people who are part of the FacturaOne community and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We wish you have a Merry Christmas and HEALTH in the 2021 for you and your families.

A hug,

FacturaOne Team

All are advantages! What are you waiting for!

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time-management. blog F!

How to manage time being autonomous

When you start on the adventure of being autonomous, you self esteem and you resolution capacity it comes up, and it seems that you can eat this world and all that come.

You go to talks, you sign up for courses, workshops, you read a lot of articles about entrepreneurship and you feel totally prepared to face anything.

Although it is true that you have fears and worries, but you feel so good that any fear dissipates with the illusions that suddenly flow from within you.

You are a freelancer, and as this word indicates if you look it up in a dictionary, autonomous is "the one who has autonomy". And autonomy, "Condition of whom, for certain things, does not depend on anyone "

It is true, finally we do not depend on anyone, we are finally responsible for our own actions, we are free to carry out our work as we have always wanted without having to explain to anyone. We can imagine what we want to do, and carry it out, because it's our dream, our idea, and it's a wonderful feeling.

If your new project is shared with another freelancer, or with several, does not matter, because the illusion that has led you to share this project is what has brought you together and you all have the same ideas on how to carry it out, otherwise it would not be possible to continue and that project works.

But we are going to focus on the case that you are going to carry out the project by yourself. It's great, you start, hours are spent editing your website, writing ... designing ... Because of course, your company is "low cost", you do it all.

You don't want to go overboard with the investment, you want to have the least possible expenses until everything starts to work a little. And you are able to make your low cost website, tu logo low cost, your flyers, your business cards, You have even signed up for freelancers.

Everything is going well, you start to have clients, and you start to have to dedicate time to them. You want to promote your website, you want to give your design a spin, you want to learn more about marketing, you want to have everything under control, you want to answer the calls and inquiries that come to you on your website, that luckily they are starting to work, do you want to make commercial visits, and you also want to do your job real and be productive ....

Can you handle everything by yourself? This is great if you control everything. But the good news is that we don't have to control and know everything. Delegating does not mean being less capable. Delegating means starting to be consistent and wanting to evolve by focusing on what is really important in your work.

There are a large number of professionals around us to whom you can delegate tasks that, as you have more work, you can get more and more uphill, which leads to never being done, or they simply prevent you from being productive in your work because you spend more time, for example, designing your logo than, to write a budget, or to provide a service to a customer.

And if you don't take time away from your work for those things, you may not realize, But I'd bet you're taking it out of your leisure and family time, since you will have to do all that outside the hours that you have set.

Think about it, being autonomous does not mean you are alone. Ask for budgets, question, maybe everything is not as expensive as you think. It's not about delegating everything, There are many things that you will surely like to do to yourself and that you are good at and do not waste a lot of time.

Regarding marketing, design, you can carry it out without problem, unless what you want is to evolve and expand borders. It seems we all know about social media, because it is the order of the day, but there is much beyond, what maybe you need to delegate.

I assure you that if you download certain tasks, You will notice it and your little head will rest and concentrate much more on its real work, which will make everything more productive.

Y Being autonomous doesn't mean you have to work either 24 hours a day. It's your dream, It is your project and you have marked it as you want, but don't let it get to absorb the part of the time that corresponds to your "other life" with the rest of the people around you.

I know it's hard because there's always something to do, but learn to organize yourself, It's fundamental. If you want everything to work and be productive you have to learn to differentiate your tasks, and to start knowing how to delegate some. It will make up for you.

If you agree with what you have read, you can start to buy time for you, for example, using from today our ERP management program FacturaOne. And you will see that you will save valuable time, your time.

All are advantages! What are you waiting for!

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new law on remote work regulation


A Royal Decree Law has been approved 28/2020 that will come into effect from next 13 October this year with many new features compared to the previous regulation: calendar, application threshold, costs, surveillance, agreements, schedule, sanctions and modifications.


The new regulations apply to regular distance work, I mean, that a 30% of the day in a reference period of three months, the formal agreement must be formalized in writing. Whatever is below, It does not apply to the new law and this agreement in writing and with respect to equipment will not be necessary, Payment and compensation of expenses will be as agreed by the parties.


The remote workplace will not be determined by the company, It may be the worker's home address or any place other than his / her home as a coworking.


Remote work is limited in three cases:

  • Minors
  • Internship contracts
  • Learning contracts

In these cases the 50% of the day must be face-to-face and the training activities can be done face-to-face or online as before.


The agreement between the worker and the company must be individual and not imposed by collective agreement.


Until now, according to the Workers' Statute, the worker has the right to remote work for reasons of reconciling work and family life and the company must grant it unless it has objective reasons that prevent it.

In the Mecuida Plan, valid until January 2021, The worker has the right to request remote work to take care of his partner and / or relatives due to exceptional circumstances in order to avoid community transmission of the Covid-19.

It should be mentioned that the worker who studies regularly to obtain an academic degree, has priority to request access to remote work, as long as it is compatible with your tasks to be performed.

Victims of gender violence and terrorism, They have the right to carry out their work totally or partially remotely or to go in person whenever possible.

There is a procedural novelty to limit workers' claims about access, reversion and modification of remote work: will have 20 business days to file your claim with the Social Court, counting from when the company communicates its refusal with your proposal.

On the company side, Teleworking can be unilateral if it constitutes a preventive measure in the current pandemic panorama of Covid-19.


The agreement is in writing, delivering a copy to the representation of the workers and telematically to the employment office. If it is not done, a serious offense would be incurred with penalties of 626 a 6.250 euros fine.

The content should be as follows:

  • Media Inventory, equipment and tools required for work development, as well as consumables, furniture elements, useful life and maximum period of renewal of the same.
  • List of expenses that may arise from doing remote work and how to quantify the compensation that the company is obliged to pay and when and how to do it.
  • Working hours and mandatory availability rules. If face-to-face and distance work is combined, percentage and distribution between both.
  • Work center of the company where the remote worker is assigned and where the work will be done in person.
  • Remote workplace chosen by the worker.
  • If situations of reversibility to face-to-face work are agreed, duration of notice periods.
  • Means of business control of the activity.
  • Procedure to follow if technical difficulties arise that make work difficult.
  • Data protection instructions, applicable to remote work.
  • Information security instructions, applicable to remote work.
  • Duration of the remote work agreement.


The modification of the agreement must be the subject of a new bilateral agreement, in writing and communicate to the workers' representation.


According to the new law, people who work remotely from the beginning of the employment relationship during the entire working day, have priority to fill vacant face-to-face jobs. The company is obliged to inform these people and the representation of the workers of the vacancies.


People who do their work remotely, in whole or in part, They have the same rights as if they did it in person.

That is to say, have the same right to receive the total remuneration established according to the professional group, level, position and functions including supplements for personal conditions, by results of the company or by characteristics of the position. They also have the same rights in job stability, working time, training and professional promotion.


Gender equality is an important variable to incorporate when making the diagnosis, implementation, application, monitoring and evaluation of equality measures and plans.

Companies must bear in mind the measures against any type of harassment at work: labor, sexual, discriminatory and victims of gender violence.


Prior to RD law 28/2020 Agreement adaptation period

Distance work regulated by collective agreement* Three months after the collective agreement expires * If the agreement has no term, the adaptation will be 23/12/2023 * The signatory parties are allowed to agree on a longer term of up to three years (23/12/2023)                       
Remote work not regulated by collective agreementThree months after the RD-law is applied to the employment relationship
Remote work derived from Covid-19 art. 5 RD-ley 8/2020 or as a sanitary containment measureAdaptation to the new regulation is not required, but companies are obliged to provide the means, teams, tools and consumables required for remote work development and maintenance.
ecommerce types of online business

Your online e-commerce store: commercial profiles and types of online business

If you are thinking of renewing and releasing your products and / or services through an online store or e-commerce, this article can help you.

First, I will tell you that each business has a potential client or a target audience to address and based on the commercial profile there are different types:

  • B2B (Business to Business): companies that sell to other companies.

Not. A paint company that sells to a renovation company.

  • B2C (Business to Consumer): companies that sell to the final consumer.

Not. Any shop(fashion, electronics, shoes…)

  • C2B (Consumer to Business): portals where consumers upload their products or services and companies bid for them.

Not. Freelancer

  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer): intermediary company between consumers.

Not. Thrift shopping, chance.

Secondly, based on the type of business:

  • E-commerce online store with own products or services.

Not. Any store you can imagine

  • Dropshipping: the seller does not ship the product, a third party does it.
  • Affiliate e-commerce: in this case the seller does not send the product, It is done by a third party as in the previous case but also the payment is not made in your store but rather redirects the customer to another store to close the sale and the seller receives a commission when the sale is closed.

Not. Amazon

  • Membership: the goal is recurring purchases through regular subscriptions with the possibility of receiving the product frequently.
  • Marketplace: it's a store of shops. A website with a lot of traffic where a multitude of sellers offer their products and that platform receives a generous commission from those sellers who feed the page.

Not. Amazon

  • Services: any business that comes to mind that offers any service or their time in exchange for money, highly recommended if you want to embark on this adventure without too many risks.

Now you know what business profiles there are and what types of online business exist. In another post I will explain, the pros and cons of e-commerce and in another article what steps to follow to create your e-commerce.

New European VAT regulation in electronic commerce

New European Regulation on VAT in electronic commerce 2021

New European Regulation on VAT in electronic commerce 2021

He 1 July next 2021 New measures approved by the European Union regarding VAT in electronic commerce will come into force.

There are basically three of the most important:

  1. Elimination of thresholds in distance sales
  2. The end of the VAT exemption on the importation of small shipments of low value.
  3. The responsibility of VAT on marketplaces for distance sales of imported goods from third territories or third countries.

In Spain, the Bill for the transposition of the two Directives of the European Union related to VAT in electronic commerce was recently approved.

In such a way that there will be a new system of taxation in destination, said in other words, in the state of the recipient and with the tax of that country. In other words, if a Spanish company invoices a company from the European Union, It will do so with the VAT rate of that destination country.

Now I will explain the three points mentioned above, of the three most important news:

  1. Elimination of thresholds:

 It refers that the new regulation unifies the cut-off figure, Any company that invoices for a value of more than € 10,000 to other member countries must invoice it with the VAT of that destination country, filing self liquidations in your own country (single window) and it is not necessary to be registered in each country.

  • The end of the VAT exemption on the importation of small shipments of low value:

Any import from a country outside the European Community will be subject to the VAT of the destination country.

The exemption of customs duties for imports of an amount less than € 150 remains the same.

  • The responsibility of VAT on the marketplaces for distance sales:

As of the entry into force of the new regulations, Marketplaces will be considered sellers and will be responsible for their management when the user company is not within the European Community.

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Aggressive Marketing

What is aggressive marketing?

The main objective of aggressive marketing is to leave a great footprint on the user, I mean, shock the person receiving the impact. Another of its objectives is to reach a very wide audience with the fewest possible repetitions and in the shortest time..

For it, it is common for this type of marketing campaign to use material of an impressive nature, with great contrasts and aggressive images and language.

Aggressive marketing: techniques, advantages and disadvantages

► Give a product

Many brands use this strategy to reach their consumers, especially, in the case of a new release.

It consists of giving away the product that is being introduced to the market (or a sample) in exchange for minimum requirements, how can it be to complete a form, share on social networks, subscribe to a landing page or similar actions.


The person who has received the gift is left with a good taste of the brand and is more likely to talk about it with someone they know, encouraging more people to get the gift.

For example, ING launches the friends plan every x time. Give € 50 to your customers for each new person they convince to be a Dutch bank customer. The success of word of mouth has been overwhelming.


This action can be turned against the brand if, for example, the expectations created in the consumer, regarding the gift, do not match reality. In this case, you will only achieve the opposite effect to your objectives, I mean, negative word of mouth. Keep in mind that yes, by internal regulations, the gift is packed with a terrifying amount of conditions and fine print, the customer will be disenchanted.

For example, Samsung starred in a campaign in which it gave away a € 50 gas voucher, causing traffic jams in the vicinity of the gas station in question. The campaign was classified as failed, but it was actually a success in terms of visibility. Already know: “better that they speak badly than not speak”. Everything is advertising, according to some say.

► Discount on a service

Following the line of gifts, make discounts on the service, for a limited time, It is a strategy widely used by brands that offer subscription services, domiciliation or membership.

For example, some phone companies offer half price bills for the first months and Netflix also offers a reduced subscription for the first month.


It is a way to give your service a try, to implement it in the daily life of users. If you can make it essential for them, you will have won a large number of loyal and convinced customers.


When the full payment begins, the customer may have the feeling that your prices are abusive, since it has become used to paying a much smaller amount for the same service.

Normally this type of discounts is accompanied by a permanent contract and the impossibility of unsubscribing, if the client wishes, after this kind of trial period, which generates in the public a feeling of deception and monopoly.

► Email Marketing

It goes without saying that email marketing consists of sending messages through email to a large number of people.

The subject of data protection continues to be recurrent and although there are more and more laws that regulate it, users are somewhat in the hands of the companies that sell and store them.


Email Marketing is a very inexpensive type of marketing, since it allows to reach a large number of users with a single action. You only need a database with your emails and an emailing platform, How can Mailrelay be?.

further, your actions can be automated, which reduces costs and time for companies.

By last, mention that messages can be customized based on the target audience. By this I mean the design of the newsletter and its content.


The click or open rate is increasingly low within this technique. On the one hand, email platforms like Google or Yahoo do a screening and send emails directly to the spam tray. For another, we receive so many emails a day between subscriptions, notifications and offers that it is increasingly common to delete without opening.

By spam we understand all those emails that we receive without having requested them, without having subscribed to any blog or advertising from brands that we may not even know about. It is the digital mailbox.

► Special days / weeks

Surely these types of techniques sound familiar to you: El Corte Inglés special week, Media Markt VAT-free day, Black Friday, Blue Monday o similares.

These are discounts or exclusive benefits for a specific day or week. What is sought is to attract the customer who is not entirely determined to purchase a certain product, but what has it in his head, so you can get it with a discount or conditions that you cannot refuse.


The great advantage of this type of action is related to the increase in the number of sales during those days or weeks, when some brands double or even triple their sales.


This type of marketing, actually, does not retain the user, I mean, does not make you a prescriber of that brand, since he will only go to her in this type of days / weeks. further, You can only associate it with this type of offer and discounts and not with a quality brand.

► Pop-up windows

They are the famous pop-up, those windows that suddenly appear on a page, while you are browsing, to ask you for a subscription, show you an offer, play a video or launch another type of ad.

In recent years it has become fashionable to advertise by inserting a video that cannot be closed or that forces you to watch at least 5 seconds. Some even put the X so hidden that it is impossible to find it, causing the user to leave the site automatically.


The reality is that pop-ups, despite being a bit intrusive, they are very effective in online marketing.

One of the keys is to let the user decide if they want to continue seeing that pop-up window or not, or if you want to respond to the call to action. Surely this way you will get extra visibility and, of course, gain subscribers and followers for your brand.


It is an extremely intrusive technique and can be very annoying, causing anger and disagreement with your brand.

Pop-ups that fill the entire screen, videos that cannot be skipped and consume data in a useless way for the user, hiding the button to close the window or launching the same call to action twenty times will cause your recipient to reject your ads and form a bad opinion of your brand.

► Telemarketing

Telemarketing refers to all types of telephone sales, either a subscription, a rate change, a recovery of a client, etc. Sometimes, the person who receives the call already knows the brand, are or have been a client or have given their data and their consent to receive this type of advertising. Other times instead, no.


If you manage to start a conversation with your interlocutor, you can fully explain your product, you can use sales techniques that will generate engagement and commitment. Closing a sale by phone usually requires a large database, but it's also about clean and long-lasting sales.


If the person who receives the call does not know your brand, they will wonder where you got their data from, generating distrust in the client. In addition to a sense of invasion of privacy that is not at all positive.

On the other hand, with this technique the database is burned very fast, since you have to make many calls to receive only one yes, and a reasonable time must pass before making a second round.

If you burn your database, what is your most precious asset, the rest of the techniques you have programmed will not give results (for example the newsletter).

► Guerrilla marketing

It is a set of marketing strategies that are carried out by unconventional means, whose objective is to reach the user through ingenuity and creativity. That is to say, it is about surprising the user using techniques that are not the usual. For example, a performance on the street or in the subway.


The main advantage of guerilla marketing is that it captures the user's attention in a very striking and creative way.. further, it is possible to do it for a large number of people with a single action.


It is a type of aggressive marketing that has high costs, as it is not economical to rent a facility, the request for permits if it is done in public spaces, hiring staff or printing posters.

► "Misleading" titles: all for the click

How many times has it happened to you that you have entered an article captivated by the headline and its content had nothing to do with it.

Today, In Internet, the battle to get a click is getting more and more violent and, for that reason, It is very common to find articles with very striking titles or photos that later turn out to be a bait for you to click without offering anything that seemed.

Another objective of this type of action is to make the content viral, making it easily shareable on social networks.


It's a way to boost cost per click, since effectively the user clicks on the striking links and it is a technique proven by Copywriting professionals. That is to say, the more striking the headline, more likely that they will read the article and that it will go viral.


They do not transmit any specific message to your users, so the publicity you get through these misleading headlines will make your brand easily forgettable, dispensable and nothing relevant -in addition to being controversial-.

On the other hand, you can cause a feeling of frustration in the user and thus generate a reputation crisis.

You will not only be losing a reader, rather, this type of action will increase the bounce rate of your website.

All are advantages! What are you waiting for!

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hacker gmail phishing

A true story of a case of #hacking a Gmail account

Today's article is not about any one that you can afford to pass by or not even open.. It is of utmost importance for everything that you play out of ignorance and especially because of the habitual laziness that we have all sinned more than once of not putting a SECURE password in our Gmail account and others as recommended to us, and we limit ourselves to the typical "1234 ..." or the birthday or when you met the churri.

Well, with this article I want to warn everyone who has Gmail and any type of password platform that this "easy" system does not work. And less in times of uncertainty like the ones we are living in in which the malicious #cybercriminals #hackers #hackers, who have nothing better to do than annoy others with bad faith and in the shadows and through simple and / or innocent passwords they manage to access the information of any of us and give us a bitch (excuse me) when you least expect it.

And if you still have doubts about what I am telling you, I will explain it to you through a real anecdote from an acquaintance:





All this has happened by not putting a strong password or not use the double check, or probably by abrir email #phishing

I hope this post will help you to become aware of the need to protect your Gmail account and / or others that you have and thus avoid disappointment.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you all a happy and safe day


What the fuck is Cybersecurity?

We live immersed in a technological age from which it is impossible to escape and in one way or another we have heard of Cybersecurity, but anyone can ask: What the fuck is Cybersecurity?

The first, we should understand its meaning: Cybersecurity seeks to protect digital information in interconnected systems and is included within information security.

Information security encompasses the techniques to control a company's data and ensure that it does not leave its system. And it must respond to three qualities:

  • Review, for the company to carry out its tasks without too many risks.
  • Valuable, for the interest of your business data.
  • Sensible, access to the system is only made by authorized persons.

Information security must analyze possible risks, do prevention work and seek solutions. And above all, protect company data by ensuring its confidentiality, availability and integrity.

conclusion, cybersecurity is based on digital information and IT processes (process, storage, transmission) and information security, that goes hand in hand with the previous one, but of greater scope, since it tries to protect the information from the risks that may affect it.