If Darwin raised his head…

Charles Robert Darwin, was a prominent British scientist who postulated the foundations of the Theory of Evolution(ca.1859) introducing the novel concept of adaptation. He came to say that the evolution of living beings through natural selection and their ability to adapt to the hostile and changing environment, those who adapted grew stronger and survived.

One hundred and sixty years after that discovery , we are in a situation of economic uncertainty, social, health due to COVID-19 that has put the entire genus Homo sapiens sapiens in check worldwide and that if Darwin were alive we would be subjects of his research on the ability to adapt and its consequences.

The truth is that these lines are nothing more than a reflection on what we could make clear about this new normal or new situation that we humans try to adapt within our possibilities with less or greater success.

As Darwin pointed out, the variations that favor the survival of an individual in competition with others despite environmental stress, tends to increase its conservation.

So we have no choice but to overcome this extraordinary situation, come out stronger and that our lives and that of our fellow men and our businesses do not get left behind, ADAPT, have COMMON SENSE and want to get out of this.

Cheer up everyone in this new stage!

Juan Carlos Merino Martínez

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