Spain, Next EU country with mandatory electronic invoicing?

Spain It may be the second country in the European Union to establish the mandatory nature of digital invoicing between companies from next year.

Until now, the country that has led this measure is Italy, after obtaining EU approval in the past 21 of April. This will allow the transalpine country to require this system for all domestic bills, both inB2B, like inB2C andB2G (business to business invoices, from business to consumer and from business to Public Administrations).

The Ministry of Finance is already deploying the platformFACeB2B and the public procurement law 9/2017, that "marks the starting point for the use of this platform".

In this sense, it is remembered that from the past 30 June, it is now mandatory for public procurement subcontractors and main contractors to exchange electronic invoices through FACeB2B if they exceed the5.000 euros of amount.

As of January2019, all remaining B2B invoices must be issued through the government center, which corresponds to the so-called Exchange System (SDI), launched in 2017 as an optional measure for private companies.

For the moment, the Commission of theEU to implement the B2B mandate has not received derogation, so it seems "impossible" to estimate when it could come into force, according to this company, which however adds that last year it incorporated the declaration in real time (SII) and it is only "a matter of time" before a political decision is made in this regard..

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