General contracting conditions

I am glad that you are here because it is a sign that you are a user who knows your rights and for me it is important that you have the certainty and tranquility that on this website, I worry that your rights are guaranteed.

When you read this text, it will be clear to you what the terms of our agreement are and you will know all the necessary information regarding the electronic transactions you carry out on this website.. Here you will find the contracting conditions for advice on Social Media and Content Marketing, courses and services offered by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L..

I tell you that before hiring any of the services that I make available to you on this website, It is essential that you read the conditions and terms that apply to the Provision of services offered by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. own of its main activity of billing management program for clients.

You should know that you can only access and contract these services from after reading and accepting these contracting conditions.

By accepting these conditions, as a user, you are bound by these terms, than, along with the privacy policy, govern our business relationship.

If you disagree with any part of the terms, you will not be able to contract the services offered here.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. reserves the right to modify or change these conditions at any time. If the modifications constitute a substantial change in the terms, will notify you by posting an advertisement on this website.

The services offered are available only for legal entities and for people who have at least 18 year old.

Service provider identifier

By virtue of what is established in the Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the following information is offered:

  • N.I.F: B72490527
  • Its registered office is at Josep Capdevila 24, Palafolls, Barcelona province
  • Telephone contact: 679101366
  • His social activity is: Application services for billing customers to their customers.

Services offered on this website makes the following services available:

  • Online billing program via web
  • Online billing program via app (android)

As a condition to contract the Services offered, you are obliged to register in the corresponding form of and provide registration information. The registration information you provide must be accurate, complete and updated at all times. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the terms, that may result in the dissolution of the contract with FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L., makes available to the client, a set of web services that make it easy to create, shipping and invoice management, budgets, and expenses that are described in more detail at

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L., can make commercially reasonable changes to services when deemed appropriate. In case of making a substantial change in services, FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. will inform the client, as long as the client has subscribed in to be informed of said exchange rate.

Prices and payment methods

You agree to pay the contracted services to FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. in the forms of payment accepted by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. and for any additional amount (including taxes and late fees, depending on the case)

Payment is always in advance of 100% and the services will be supplied when we confirm the payment.

The prices applicable to each product and / or service are those indicated on the order date including, in your case, all of them VAT (Value Added Tax) for transactions within Spanish territory. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. reserves the right to modify the rates when it deems it appropriate.

How to formalize a purchase

As a condition to make any order, the user must contact FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. and provide the corresponding information required for the acquisition of the services available on this website. The information to make the order provided must be accurate, complete and updated at all times. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the terms, that may result in the dissolution of the contract with FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.

From the moment of acceptance, the user acquires the condition of Client of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L..

When will you know that your purchase is effective

Once the purchase has been made and payment has been made, FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. will send you an order confirmation by e-mail as soon as possible, always before they pass 24 hours from the execution of the purchase.

It is time to check that everything is correct. If you do not agree with the information contained in said confirmation, you can request the modification of the same or the cancellation of the contract..

The validation of the order by the client expressly implies the knowledge and acceptance of these particular contracting conditions as part of the conclusion of the contract.. Unless proven otherwise, the data registered by constitutes proof of the set of transactions carried out between FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. and your customers.

Common system of value added tax of the European Union

In accordance with the provisions of the Law 37/1992, of 28 from December, regulating said tax and the European Directive 2008/8 / EC, the operation may be exempt or not subject to it depending on the country of residence of the buyer and the condition in which it acts (entrepreneur / professional or private). In consecuense, in some cases the final price of the order may be altered with respect to that shown on the website.

The price of the services or info products sold by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.includes andl Spanish VAT. However, the final price of your order may vary depending on the VAT rate that applies to the order. For orders to other countries of the European Union, Spanish VAT will be deducted and the VAT tax rate corresponding to the destination country will be applied. The final price will appear during the confirmation of your order and will reflect the VAT rate corresponding to the country of destination of the products.

The prices of the Services may change at any time at the sole and exclusive discretion of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. The Services do not provide price protection or refunds in the event of price reductions or promotional offers..

Accepted forms of payment

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. accept as payment:

VISA Gateway (Redsys)



Support mode and reasonable use

Services must be requested through the appropriate channels to be received and responded to within a reasonable period of time.. These channels are the respective forms located in each of the services offered.

Each request is subject to evaluation and approval by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. taking advantage of the right of admission and the right to reject a conflictive client or one who acts maliciously with the program.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. can provide alternative solutions to the client including referral to the network of partners of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.

Fair use clause

The term "unlimited" is subject to a fair use clause. The definition of reasonable use is determined by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L., at its sole and exclusive discretion. The clients that FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. consider that they abuse the service will be contacted by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. reserves the right to suspend the service if it considers that it exceeds the reasonable use clause. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. is not responsible for the misuse that the user may make due to ignorance of the laws, by fraud, bad faith or simply errors due to negligence on the part of the user for not following the warnings before carrying out delicate operations. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. It also urges users to consult their gestures with any doubts about their activity or epigraph, since we are not managers.. The user is solely responsible for all their actions and use of the program.

Liability exclusion

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. will not guarantee that the availability of the service object of this contract will be continuous and uninterrupted, as well as the loss of data that is hosted on their servers, interruption of commercial activities or any damage derived from the operation of the services, or the expectations generated to the Client, as a consequence of :

  1. Causes beyond the control of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. and fortuitous causes and/or majeure causes.
  2. Faults caused by incorrect uses by the Customer, especially those derived from contracting an inappropriate service for the type of activity and use made by the Client and / or by third parties through its website.
  3. Scheduled stops and / or alterations in content made by mutual agreement between the parties for the maintenance or performance of exceptional actions previously agreed.
  4. Virus, computer attacks and / or other actions by third parties that cause the total or partial impossibility of providing the services.
  5. Incorrect or poor Internet operation.
  6. Other unpredictable circumstances.
  7. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. is not responsible for the misuse that the user may make due to ignorance of the laws, by fraud, bad faith or simply errors due to negligence on the part of the user for not following the warnings before carrying out delicate operations. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. It also urges users to consult their manager with any doubts about their activity or heading, since we are not managers.. The user is solely responsible for all their actions and use of the program.

In this way, the Client agrees to bear these circumstances within reasonable limits, Therefore, it expressly waives claims against FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. any contractual or non-contractual liability for possible failures, errors and use of the contracted service.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. will not be responsible in any case for errors or damages caused by the inefficient and bad faith use of the service by the Client.. Nor will FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L be responsible. of the major or minor consequences due to the lack of communication between FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. and the Client when it is attributable to the non-functioning of the email provided or falsity of the data provided by the Client in his user registration of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L..

Causes for dissolution of the contract

The dissolution of the service contract can occur at any time by either party.

You are not obliged to stay with FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L if you are not satisfied with the service.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L can terminate or suspend any or all of the Services contracted with FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L immediately, without notice or liability, in case you do not comply with the conditions here exposed.

Upon dissolution of the contract, your right to use the Services will cease immediately.

They will be causes of dissolution of contract:

  • Falsehood, in whole or in part, of the data provided in the process of contracting any service.
  • Change, avoid, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or alter in any way the security technology provided by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.
  • Also the cases of abuse of the support services by the requirement of more hours than those established in the contract.

The dissolution implies the loss of the rights on the contracted service.

Validity of offers

The services offered on the web will be available for purchase while they are in the catalog of services displayed through the website.. Users are requested to access updated versions of the website to avoid errors in these service offerings..

How to cancel the service contract

If you want to cancel your contract with, you must contact us in writing with a request to withdraw from the contract before the contracted service has begun to be executed (see process and withdrawal form below)

Consequences of withdrawal

If the service object of this contract had started during the withdrawal period (14 days) , according to the article 108.3 of the law 3/2014, FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. may retain the proportional part corresponding to the service provided, including the support service and, in the event that the service has been fully provided, in accordance with article 103.a of the aforementioned law, the right of withdrawal will not be applicable.

All the services that I have provided, by their nature they will survive the dissolution if they are fully paid, including, without limitation, property provisions, disclaimers of warranty, indemnity and limitations of liability.

Model withdrawal forms

The user / buyer may notify the withdrawal, ok via email to: [email protected] or by post at the address indicated in the withdrawal form.

Copy and paste this form in Word, Complete it and send it by email or post.

To the attention of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.
Josep Capdevila 24, Palafolls, Barcelona province

[email protected]

I hereby inform you that I desist from contract for the sale of the next good / provision of the following service …….. Hired the day: ……..

Below indicate your name as consumer and user or consumers and users:

Now indicate your address as consumer and user or consumers and users:

Indicate the date you claim / withdraw from the contract:

Sign your withdrawal request if it is notified to FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.
in paper format

(place), a ……………………………… de …………………….. of 20……..

European consumer regulations

The European Commission has created the first European platform for the resolution of conflicts in online commerce protected by the latest consumer law. In this sense, as managers of an online sales platform, I have the duty to inform my users about the existence of an online platform for alternative conflict resolution.

To use the conflict resolution platform, the user must use the following link:


All the information and documentation used during the contract is confidential, development and execution of the services that regulate the relations between FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and the Client/Advertising Contractor.

All information received by the client, whether images, post, texts, access data such as users and passwords, will be treated confidentially, transfer to third parties is totally prohibited.

Confidential information will not be understood as that disclosed by agreement between the Parties, one that becomes public for the same reason or one that must be disclosed in accordance with the laws or with a judicial resolution of the competent authority and one that is obtained by a third party that is not under any obligation of confidentiality. Both parties agree to fulfill the duty of confidentiality indefinitely.

Personal data protection

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 from December, of Protection of Personal Data, FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. informs the user that there is a personal data file identified as "Clients" "Suppliers" created by and under the responsibility of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. with the purposes appropriate to the treatment, among which are:

  1. a) The management of legal-economic relations between the owner and its clients.
  2. b) Management of the service contract with the client.

To the extent that the interested party has so authorized; the accuracy of the same is the responsibility of the user.

Not to state otherwise, the owner of the data expressly consents to the total or partial authorized treatment of said data for the time that is necessary to fulfill the purposes indicated above.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them, and to adopt the security measures required by the applicable legislation to avoid its alteration, lost, unauthorized treatment or access, always according to the state of available technology.

The user may direct their communications and exercise their access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition via email: [email protected] along with valid proof in law, as a photocopy of the D.N.I. the equivalent, indicating in the subject “DATA PROTECTION”.

These terms are subject to the privacy policy of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L..

Liability limitation

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without prior notice, Modifications and updates of the information contained on the Web, of the configuration and presentation of this, of the access conditions, contracting conditions, etc. Therefore, the USER must access updated versions of the page..

In no case FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L is responsible for any breach of contract that occurs on your part, negligence regarding the site, the service or any content, for any loss of profit, loss of use, or actual damage, special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential of any kind derived from the misuse by you of the tools provided.

The sole responsibility of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L will be to supply the advertising contracting service in the terms and conditions expressed in this contracting policy.. is not responsible for any consequence, damage or harm that may arise from the improper use of the products or services provided.


Limitation of the amount for responsibility hereby, none of the parties will be responsible for the payment of an amount greater than that which the client has paid to FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L., as stipulated in this agreement, during the twelve months prior to the event that has given rise to liability. Some of the plans associated with this service are offered free of charge to test only the operation of the service, therefore, the parties accept that the above limitations represent a reasonable risk under this agreement.

Statement and Limited Warranties

Each party states that they have the necessary powers and authority to sign this agreement. Each party guarantees that it will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the provision or use of services., as appropriate (including applicable security breach notification laws). FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L guarantees that it will provide the services in accordance with the applicable service level agreement. The client guarantees that he will comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances applicable or related to your use of the service. Insofar as the law allows, unless stated otherwise in this document, neither party offers any other warranty of any kind, implicit or explicit, mandatory or otherwise included, without limiting it, merchantability guarantees, fitness for a particular purpose and no infringement. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L is not responsible for the content or information that can be accessed through the services.

The client acknowledges and accepts that each of the services may present errors, defects and other problems that could cause a system failure. In consecuense, the service, including all content, software (including any update or modification thereof), functions, materials and information made available or accessed through the service, as well as all accompanying documentation, are provided as is, therefore, any use made of this will be the sole responsibility of the client. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and its license providers do not offer any kind of guarantee, implicit or explicit, mandatory or otherwise included, without limitation, merchantability guarantees, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L does not assume any type of responsibility derived from the correct use of the service. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and its license providers do not issue statements related to any content or information accessible through the service. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L, does not issue any statement that FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L, or no third party, will post service updates or enhancements. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. does not guarantee that the functions included in the service will be uninterrupted or error-free. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties. Thus, the above exclusion may not apply to the customer. In that case, and as much as possible, All implied warranties will have a limited duration of ninety (90) days from the effective date.

Suspension of service

Of end user accounts by if FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L is aware of any breach of this agreement by an end user, could request the client to suspend the end user account in question. In the event that the client does not satisfy said request from, it will be FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L who may carry out the suspension of the end user account. The duration of any suspension by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L will last until the end user in question has corrected the breach causing the suspension..

Emergency security incidents without prejudice to the above, if there is an emergency security incident,FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L can automatically suspend the criminal use. The suspension will have the minimum duration and scope necessary to avoid or resolve the emergency security incident.. And, for any circustance,FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L suspends an end user account without prior notice to the client, FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L will indicate the reason for the suspension to the client as soon as reasonably possible., if the latter requires it.

Intellectual and industrial property

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. is the owner of all industrial and intellectual property rights of the page, and of the elements contained in it, among which are the downloadable documents on the web.

Modification is strictly prohibited, to transmit, to distribute, re-use, forward or use all or part of the content of the page for public or commercial purposes without the authorization of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.

Violation of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of these provisions, as well as a crime punished in accordance with the arts. 270 y ss. of the current Penal Code.

In the event that the user wishes to report any incident, comment or make a claim, You can send an email to [email protected] indicating your name and surname, the service purchased and stating the reasons for your claim.

Except as expressly stated in this document, this agreement does not guarantee any of the parties any right, implicit or no, on the content or on any intellectual property of the other party. As established by the parties, the client owns all the intellectual property rights of the client data and owns all the intellectual property rights of the services.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and its licensors will maintain ownership of all rights, title and interest included, without limitation, all intellectual property rights (by virtue of what is defined below) related to service, as well as any work or improvement derived from this including, without limitation, any software, technology, information, content, materials, guidelines and documentation. The client will not acquire any rights, title or interest contained, except for the limited use rights expressly established in this agreement. Any right not expressly granted in this document will be considered withheld.

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L is not the owner of third-party content used as part of the service, including the content of the communications that appear in the service. Title, The property rights and intellectual property rights of the content accessed through the service belong to the owner of the content in question and may be protected by copyright law or other applicable law..

The client agrees not to carry out or allow others to carry out the following actions: (i) to adapt, translate or modify software; (ii) decipher, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or other attempts to discover the source or object code of the software, except if applicable laws prohibit such limitations; (iii) copy software; (iv) use the service for the high-risk activities described in the section 13 ni (v) grant under license, render, to sell, rent or lease the service or any component of it. Any third-party source or binary code included in each of the service applications can only be used in conjunction with said service application., whose use will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. It is prohibited to use, copy, transfer and modify the service or any part thereof, except in cases where this agreement expressly allows it.

According to the present agreement, brand elements are understood as trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand elements of each party, respectively, protected at all times by said party. can only show those elements of the customer's brand that the latter has authorized and only within the designated areas of the service pages (the client will provide said authorization by uploading their brand elements to the services).

The customer can specify the nature of this use from the service administration area. FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L may also display FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L brand elements on the pages of the service to indicate that the services have been provided by FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L Neither party may display or use the brand elements of the other beyond what is permitted in this agreement without the prior written consent of the other party. Except to the extent expressly indicated in this agreement, neither party will grant nor the other acquire any right, title or interest included, without limitation, any implicit license of any brand element of the first part. All rights not expressly granted in this document will be considered retained. All use of the client's brand elements by, including any goodwill involved in the process, will have an effect for the benefit of the client; and all use of the brand elements of by the client, including any goodwill involved in the process, will have effect for the benefit of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. The client will not challenge or help others to challenge the brand elements of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L or their registration., nor will it try to register brand elements of or domain names very similar to those of FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L.. and that can lead to misunderstandings. Or they will be prosecuted by the Patent and Trademark Law.

Brand element limitation

Any use of a party's brand elements will inure to the benefit of the party holding the intellectual property rights to those brand elements. A party may revoke the right of the other party to use its brand elements under this agreement by giving written notice to the other party and with a reasonable time to stop the use..

To contact FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L. or raise any questions, question or claim you can use any of the following means:

* E-mail: [email protected]


The language in which the contract between FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and the Client will be concluded is Spanish..

Jurisdiction and applicable laws

FACTURAONE SOFTWARE S.L and THE USER, will be governed to settle any controversy that may arise from accessing or using this website, by Spanish legislation, and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the province of Barcelona.

These terms have been last updated on 01/10/2022.