What the fuck is Cybersecurity?

We live immersed in a technological age from which it is impossible to escape and in one way or another we have heard of Cybersecurity, but anyone can ask: What the fuck is Cybersecurity?

The first, we should understand its meaning: Cybersecurity seeks to protect digital information in interconnected systems and is included within information security.

Information security encompasses the techniques to control a company's data and ensure that it does not leave its system. And it must respond to three qualities:

  • Review, for the company to carry out its tasks without too many risks.
  • Valuable, for the interest of your business data.
  • Sensible, access to the system is only made by authorized persons.

Information security must analyze possible risks, do prevention work and seek solutions. And above all, protect company data by ensuring its confidentiality, availability and integrity.

conclusion, cybersecurity is based on digital information and IT processes (process, storage, transmission) and information security, that goes hand in hand with the previous one, but of greater scope, since it tries to protect the information from the risks that may affect it.

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