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How to make an Electronic Invoice?

Now you can create electronic invoices from the ERP FacturaOne web desktop, click to find out how to do it.

What is an electronic invoice?

It is an invoice that is sent and received in electronic format.

Legal Regulations

Invoices are regulated by Royal Decree 1612/2012, of 30 of November, which establishes the standards that invoices must meet: obligation to invoice, types of invoices, content, requirements, deadlines, special regimes, conservation.

Invoices must guarantee:

Readability of the invoice: It is provided by the computer program that creates or receives it. With FacturaOne, you have the ideal solution for your electronic invoices.

Authenticity of the origin of the invoice: by electronic signature, electronic data interchange EDI

Integrity of the content of the invoice: give guarantees that the content has not been modified.

What is the electronic invoice for?

It helps you to be able to collect your bills from the Public Administration, Local Management, Administrations of the Autonomous Communities.

What are the advantages of the electronic invoice?

It allows you to collect your pending invoices with the Administration before, minimize human errors, reduces shipping costs, facilitates access to your information and you avoid having a mess of papers pending to file and collect,etc.

In addition, modernizing or updating the management of your business through online tools that make your life easier, Well, that is always a benefit for your company and a peace of mind for you as a freelancer, having everything under control.

Is the electronic invoice mandatory for suppliers?

According to art. 4 of the law 25/2013, of 27 from December, about the electronic invoice, All suppliers that have delivered goods or provided services to the Public Administration may issue and send electronic invoices. (When the law was pushed).

From the 15 from January 2015. “From this date the invoices addressed to the Public Administrations must be electronic.”(When its obligation was established).

Documentation obligation of billing

According to the Royal Decree 1612/2012, of 30 of November, that regulates billing obligations:

Entrepreneurs or professionals are obliged to issue and deliver, in your case, invoice or other supporting documents for the operations carried out in the development of their business or professional activity, as well as to keep a copy or matrix of those. Equally, They are obliged to keep the invoices or other supporting documents received from other businessmen or professionals for the operations of which they are recipients and that are carried out in development of the aforementioned activity.

Likewise, Other people and entities that do not have the status of businessmen or professionals are obliged to issue and keep an invoice or other supporting documents for the operations they carry out under the terms established in this Regulation..

What do you need to be able to make your electronic invoices?

You need a professional and secure Billing and Management Software such as FacturaOne to create, sign and upload to the FACe platform or the one you need your invoices.

The Security of Digital Information and / or personal data is essential for all your billing (electronic and non-electronic invoices) and this is a fundamental issue for us in which we dedicate a lot of work and economic investment so that all the information of your company is more secure than ever and you can be calm with everything under control.

Greetings and health to everyone 🙂

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