Your online e-commerce store: commercial profiles and types of online business

If you are thinking of renewing and releasing your products and / or services through an online store or e-commerce, this article can help you.

First, I will tell you that each business has a potential client or a target audience to address and based on the commercial profile there are different types:

  • B2B (Business to Business): companies that sell to other companies.

Not. A paint company that sells to a renovation company.

  • B2C (Business to Consumer): companies that sell to the final consumer.

Not. Any shop(fashion, electronics, shoes…)

  • C2B (Consumer to Business): portals where consumers upload their products or services and companies bid for them.

Not. Freelancer

  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer): intermediary company between consumers.

Not. Thrift shopping, chance.

Secondly, based on the type of business:

  • E-commerce online store with own products or services.

Not. Any store you can imagine

  • Dropshipping: the seller does not ship the product, a third party does it.
  • Affiliate e-commerce: in this case the seller does not send the product, It is done by a third party as in the previous case but also the payment is not made in your store but rather redirects the customer to another store to close the sale and the seller receives a commission when the sale is closed.

Not. Amazon

  • Membership: the goal is recurring purchases through regular subscriptions with the possibility of receiving the product frequently.
  • Marketplace: it's a store of shops. A website with a lot of traffic where a multitude of sellers offer their products and that platform receives a generous commission from those sellers who feed the page.

Not. Amazon

  • Services: any business that comes to mind that offers any service or their time in exchange for money, highly recommended if you want to embark on this adventure without too many risks.

Now you know what business profiles there are and what types of online business exist. In another post I will explain, the pros and cons of e-commerce and in another article what steps to follow to create your e-commerce.

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