He 1 April of the 2023 Gipuzkoa begins the obligatory period of Electronic Invoicing TicketBAI – construction sectors, real estate, transport and services.

From the 1 April of the 2023, starts the TicketBAI mandatory billing period in Gipuzkoa for him construction sector, real estate, transport and services. Section 1, those between the groups 501 and the 508; between the groups 691 and the 757; the group 833; and between groups 851 and the 999.

Invoices cannot be issued without informing the Provincial Treasury of the corresponding TicketBAI with the QR code on the Invoice.

You can check the calendar TicketBAI from the treasury administration in https://www.gipuzkoa.eus/es/web/ogasuna/ticketbai/calendario

Our ERP FacturaOne is registered as Guarantor Software TicketBAI https://www.batuz.eus/es/registro-de-software?q=facturaone and you can invoice/issue TicketBAI from the ERP WEB or from the mobile application for android.

We also have WooCommerce for online stores, of a plugin registered as Software Guarantor TicketBAI, that automatically the sales of your online store Issuing the invoice and sending it to TicketBAI automatically. More information in https://wp-tbai.com

If you need more information or that we register you to be able to issue invoices TicketBAI with our ERP FacturaOne or our plugin for WooCommerce, Feel free to contact us.

FacturaOne - ERP Billing Software

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