How to manage time being autonomous

When you start on the adventure of being autonomous, you self esteem and you resolution capacity it comes up, and it seems that you can eat this world and all that come.

You go to talks, you sign up for courses, workshops, you read a lot of articles about entrepreneurship and you feel totally prepared to face anything.

Although it is true that you have fears and worries, but you feel so good that any fear dissipates with the illusions that suddenly flow from within you.

You are a freelancer, and as this word indicates if you look it up in a dictionary, autonomous is "the one who has autonomy". And autonomy, "Condition of whom, for certain things, does not depend on anyone "

It is true, finally we do not depend on anyone, we are finally responsible for our own actions, we are free to carry out our work as we have always wanted without having to explain to anyone. We can imagine what we want to do, and carry it out, because it's our dream, our idea, and it's a wonderful feeling.

If your new project is shared with another freelancer, or with several, does not matter, because the illusion that has led you to share this project is what has brought you together and you all have the same ideas on how to carry it out, otherwise it would not be possible to continue and that project works.

But we are going to focus on the case that you are going to carry out the project by yourself. It's great, you start, hours are spent editing your website, writing ... designing ... Because of course, your company is "low cost", you do it all.

You don't want to go overboard with the investment, you want to have the least possible expenses until everything starts to work a little. And you are able to make your low cost website, tu logo low cost, your flyers, your business cards, You have even signed up for freelancers.

Everything is going well, you start to have clients, and you start to have to dedicate time to them. You want to promote your website, you want to give your design a spin, you want to learn more about marketing, you want to have everything under control, you want to answer the calls and inquiries that come to you on your website, that luckily they are starting to work, do you want to make commercial visits, and you also want to do your job real and be productive ....

Can you handle everything by yourself? This is great if you control everything. But the good news is that we don't have to control and know everything. Delegating does not mean being less capable. Delegating means starting to be consistent and wanting to evolve by focusing on what is really important in your work.

There are a large number of professionals around us to whom you can delegate tasks that, as you have more work, you can get more and more uphill, which leads to never being done, or they simply prevent you from being productive in your work because you spend more time, for example, designing your logo than, to write a budget, or to provide a service to a customer.

And if you don't take time away from your work for those things, you may not realize, But I'd bet you're taking it out of your leisure and family time, since you will have to do all that outside the hours that you have set.

Think about it, being autonomous does not mean you are alone. Ask for budgets, question, maybe everything is not as expensive as you think. It's not about delegating everything, There are many things that you will surely like to do to yourself and that you are good at and do not waste a lot of time.

Regarding marketing, design, you can carry it out without problem, unless what you want is to evolve and expand borders. It seems we all know about social media, because it is the order of the day, but there is much beyond, what maybe you need to delegate.

I assure you that if you download certain tasks, You will notice it and your little head will rest and concentrate much more on its real work, which will make everything more productive.

Y Being autonomous doesn't mean you have to work either 24 hours a day. It's your dream, It is your project and you have marked it as you want, but don't let it get to absorb the part of the time that corresponds to your "other life" with the rest of the people around you.

I know it's hard because there's always something to do, but learn to organize yourself, It's fundamental. If you want everything to work and be productive you have to learn to differentiate your tasks, and to start knowing how to delegate some. It will make up for you.

If you agree with what you have read, you can start to buy time for you, for example, using from today our ERP management program FacturaOne. And you will see that you will save valuable time, your time.

All are advantages! What are you waiting for!

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