VERIFACTU News for companies in Spain! From the 2024, A new electronic invoicing system will come into force

VERIFACTU is the name of the new electronic invoicing system in Spain and FacturaOne will be adapted to this new billing system. VERIFACTU promises to further streamline and simplify accounting processes. En is fasting, we will explore what VERIFACTU consists of and how it will benefit companies in the country.

Click here for information on the main news to 21 june of 2022 of the draft royal decree approving the regulation of requirements for computerized billing systems.

VERIFACTU is a platform developed in collaboration with the Spanish tax authorities and the main financial entities. Its main objective is to completely digitize the billing process, eliminating the use of paper documents and streamlining business transactions.

One of the key advantages of VERIFACTU is its interoperability. The platform will allow direct and secure communication between companies, suppliers and the tax administration. This means that all electronic invoices generated in VERIFACTU will be automatically validated and stored in a centralized system., which will facilitate its consultation and follow-up at any time.

further, VERIFACTU will also offer advanced automation features, which will allow companies to reduce the administrative burden associated with billing. You can generate invoices automatically, send payment reminders, track outstanding invoices and easily manage accounting.

Another outstanding aspect of VERIFACTU is its security. The platform will comply with the highest standards of encryption and data protection, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of the information. This will help prevent fraud and avoid errors in accounting processes..

further, VERIFACTU will also have a positive impact on the environment. By eliminating the need to print paper invoices, the consumption of natural resources will be considerably reduced and the carbon footprint of companies will be reduced. This fits perfectly with ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility..

It is important to highlight that the adoption of VERIFACTU will be mandatory for all companies in Spain from 2024. This implies that both large corporations and small and medium-sized companies must adapt to this new electronic invoicing system to comply with tax regulations..

In summary, VERIFACTU represents a significant advance in the field of electronic invoicing in Spain. By simplifying and streamlining accounting processes, provide interoperability, increase safety and promote sustainability, this platform will become an essential tool for companies in the country. Get ready for the change and take advantage of the benefits of VERIFACTU from 2024. The future of electronic invoicing is here!!

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