TIK-TOK: Is it unsafe for minors and teenagers?

The TikTok phenomenon has had a deep impact on digital natives, and especially in our minors and adolescents who are thirsty and saturated with visual information from short videos, and eager to be popular and visible on social networks that expose so much the youngest and most vulnerable.

The immediacy and freshness of an incessant tide of short videos, has woven a “digital spider web” that attracts more followers every day and the creators of Tik Tok have an inexhaustible market niche.

We all know that this type of app gets its income from advertising, that for you to get the numbers you must have a brutal traffic of visits and downloads and they have achieved it.

They started their adventure and managed to be the first in the Indian market and then they have been well “accepted” in the west, discovering that the trick is for users to create the content and for those users to be more visible, create more and more content, like the whiting that bites its tail.

But the question that assails me is : Is it unsafe for minors and teenagers?

It is an open secret that the Asian giant, he is the king of technology and half truths ( in your releases), and I think it is essential to enforce the laws and the new RGPD . According to the article 38 King's 2016/679: “Children deserve specific protection of their personal data, as they may be less aware of the risks, consequences, rights concerning the processing of personal data.(…), …and in particular.. for marketing or user profiling purposes and to obtain data on services used by the minor…”. I believe that this type of app should request parental consent when it comes to minors.

Seen seen him, until the truth comes out, from the dark side of teen apps, let's try to educate our children in common sense and let it be what God wants.

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