Life is a tombola! Or else, tell the co-founder of WhatsApp

Life is a raffle to-to-raffle… The singer Marisol said in her song and if not, tell it to the co-founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton, who was rejected in a Facebook job interview over there. 2009 by the person in charge of talent search.

The poor kid already came from a previous rejection by Twitter months before. Come on, it took a little while that you don't see. But while trying to get a chance, from one company to another without success. He did not sit idly by and together with his friend Jam Koum they created the instant messaging company WhastApp that has managed to revolutionize the way we communicate and which I think no one can do without.

And how life takes many turns, like a tombola, sometimes it is light and color, And that's how things got in their place and in 2014 sold their company to Facebook for almost fourteen billion euros.

conclusion, in my opinion large companies, with large recruitment departments, they should look beyond the CV and give more opportunities to young talents, that with effort, have managed to make life easier globally.

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