A Google Error affected Gmail applications, Chrome, FacturaOne

An error in the Google WebView affected applications and causes massive malfunctions in applications like FacturaOne, Gmail, Chrome, Tiktok etc… and leave many users without service.

Google error affected apps

Thousands of users were stumped when their Android phone suddenly started throwing incessant notifications saying apps had been blocked. Notifications, when they touched, they did not open applications that caused problems for users. And these inaccessible apps include important ones like Google Pay, Gmail, Google Chrome among others. Google took note of this problem almost instantly and found the culprit. Android's WebView app is what is causing some apps to crash on Android. Sudden app crash on your Android phone is annoying and seems like it will annoy you even more, as there is no solution available yet.

Previously, it's a statement, a Google spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue with Gmail that affects a significant subset of users.. Affected users cannot access Gmail. We will provide an update, detailing when we expect to resolve the issue “. Google also advised affected users to use the web versions of important services., like Gmail. “Affected users can use the desktop Gmail web interface instead of the Android Gmail app”, He said. This Google bug affected thousands of apps.

Google Fixes the WebView and Chrome problem

Google has fixed the problem and has put the update of WebView and Chrome in the Play Store, what were causing these errors.

Immediately after these apps started crashing on Android phones, people turned to DownDetector and Reddit to see the intensity of this problem. It's no wonder that a large number of Android users complain that their Android apps crash for no reason.. Google's Workspace Cloud Health Dashboard also confirmed the outage faced by various Android apps. And the culprit turned out to be the app Android WebView. Y, Unfortunately, there is no solution as of now. Google, However, said he is working on a fix for this issue ASAP.

Finally Google says that it has solved the problem on 23mar2021 about the 9.20, when submitting updates for Android WebView and Chrome applications. Update the version 89.0.4389.105 Android WebView includes the solution, so now your apps probably won't crash on your phone. Would also need update Google Chrome to the latest version. Updates are available on the Play Store.

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