Helpful Tips for Working from Home

At FacturaOne we want to do our bit to help guide and encourage entrepreneurs like you in this new stage.

If you're going to work from home for COVID-19, or because you've decided to reinvent yourself, we give you some very useful tips.

You will agree with me, that the extraordinary situation we are experiencing with COVID-19, in addition to being a jug of cold water for companies and families, forces us to adapt to forced marches and take measures not to disappear.

That is why I consider it very important to help with this post all the people who already had a business and are forced to change the system, those workers who have suddenly changed their way of continuing to work and also by extension their families who are at home while trying to work and / or recycle and learn very useful skills and resources in times of uncertainty.

Imagine for a moment this situation: You wake up in the morning without much encouragement, you go through the bathroom and make your first coffee without waiting too long for a day that begins but that is not too different from yesterday and thus two months that I eat groundhog day, you repeat the tedious routines over and over again. The difference with the routine you had before this situation is that at least before you took off your pajamas, you fixed yourself and you related to the other homo sapiens.

It is well known that we are animals of habit, truth, Well, what I recommend that you try to create a healthy routine, organize your time well, get ready and don't go all day in those damn pajamas and keep some schedules, to be happier and more productive.

If your company has asked you to work from home , You have no choice but to learn new ways of working and remain competent and motivate your team and colleagues.

Needless to say, the 21st century is being the century of dizzying changes, in hyperconnected societies in solitude and reinventing themselves in capital letters.

As H said. Gerjuny, “The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who do not know how to learn, unlearn and relearn”.

We must see all this as a challenge that we can achieve, and each step will make us feel more competent, sure of ourselves and an opportunity to see what we are capable of doing if we put our mind to it.

For this I have offered you several useful tips that you can apply in your day to day, whatever your activity. And I am also preparing a Cycle of Courses / Webinar related to these topics that I would love to see help you and your families.

Saludos y salud para [email protected] 🙂

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